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3 Secrets to Sustainable Weight Loss (for Mamas)
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My top 3 secrets to not only lose weight and keep it off, but get it the best shape (and health) of your life! (Even if you don’t have time, energy, and are racked with mama guilt)!
Things are soft where you want them to be sexy! 
(Plus, you’re sick of feeling sluggish, heavy, and frustrated all the time.) 
But how’s a MAMA supposed to get back in shape? 
You barely have time to grab a leftover chicken nugget off your child's plate, let alone cook a healthy meal! And spending even a LITTLE time on your fitness churns your stomach with guilt. (That gym daycare looks like ZERO fun!) 


Today I’m sharing my top 3 secrets to lose weight, tone up, and get in the best shape ever -- while becoming a happier, healthier mama in the process! (No guilt required.)

In this FREE (LIVE) TRAINING, you’ll discover how to...
in your Diet
Sure, extreme crash dieting will get results in the short term, but you can't eat cabbage forever. Learn my 80/20 rule to create SUSTAINABLE BALANCE. Lose weight and still go out for the occasional bacon cheeseburger if you wanna! 

Do the RIGHT Workouts for YOUR Body
Not all workouts are created equal! If I did the same workout as my hubs I wouldn't have a lean, proportional body; I'd have a HUGE back! By combining cardio + weights and targeting those ‘problem' areas -- you'll see beautiful results FAST.
When it comes to weight loss, consistency is QUEEN. Workout buddies, personal trainers, and weight loss contests are great, but at the end of the day, it's up to YOU to hold YOU accountable! (Don't fret, I'll show you how!) 

Hi, I'm Ashley King, your hot mama fitness guru! 
I've been a personal trainer and fitness model in Austin, TX for the past 15 years but as a mama of 3, I know how hard it is to get that body back. During my 3rd pregnancy, I gained a ton of weight that I could NOT drop. I felt exhausted, bloated, depressed, and with 3 kids in my care I didn't know HOW I was going to find the time and energy to make a change. 

Fortunately, I developed a system that creates lasting results specifically for BUSY MOMS who do NOT have time to mess around. 

And the best part?  This system will lighten EVERY part of your life (not just that booty!)

Wanna Learn My Secrets?

3 Secrets to Sustainable Weight Loss (for Mamas)
Only 100 spots available
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Hi mamas! Six weeks ago I started working with Ashley King and I am so happy with my results! You get recipes, meal planning advice, and workouts that you complete on your time in your home. I feel so much stronger, and my energy levels are so much higher!
- Tricia Kelley Freeman

Training with Ashley has changed my life! Not only have I become leaner, gained muscle and lost the extra weight I wanted to lose, but I have also learned to workout efficiently as well as learned more about nutrition for an overall better way of life! Ashley is motivating, positive and a realist with her techniques. My expectations have been exceeded, and my confidence is greater!! Thank you, Ashley, for all you have done to help me reach my fitness goals. I am elated with the results we've accomplished together!
- Tatum DiRado

Ashley's program is efficient and effective which is perfect for a busy working mom like me! She has helped me fix my program areas and motivated me to eat healthier. Thanks to her methods and support, I am now at my pre-kid weight!!! 
- Lindsey Terrazas